About Us


Rainbow Bridge Consulting is a company dedicated to providing international education and related visa immigration consulting services. Our headquarter is located in Toronto, Ontario and our services cover China, Canada, and abroad.


Our team has extensive knowledge in the international education admission process, with over ten years of experience in assisting students to apply for educational institutes in North America, the UK, and Southeast Asia, especially skilled at elite educational institutes applications.


Rainbow Bridge Consulting has helped many students accomplish their dreams of studying abroad, gaining overseas employment and achieving immigration goals.


Our Vision


At Rainbow Bridge Consulting, our team believes education has the power to radically change a person’s future for the better. We also believe that education is a right, not a privilege. Every person should have a fair opportunity to access quality international education. 


Our vision is to help students around the globe to achieve their educational goals by providing quality educational guidance, free education resources, global student networks, and assisting admission preparation.


彩虹桥咨询服务公司是一家致力于提供海外教育留学以及其相关签证移民服务的公司。我们总部位于多伦多,服务范围涵盖加拿大境内外。 公司团队均拥有丰富北美,英国和南亚留学申请,生活以及相关签证咨询经验,尤其擅长针对客户需求私人订制高端院校的申请,帮助过众多学子实现了海外留学、就业和移民的梦想。

“Your Bridge to a Rainbow like future”