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Daisy GAO, M.Ed, BA

Graduated with a Master of Education Degree from Western University, She has a profound understanding of the Canadian education field.  She has rich experience in helping students to accumulate extracurricular activities experiences, which is prioritized in North American Universities’ application. Over these years, she has worked in various Canadian companies, organized and led a wide range of voluntary and internship programs, making her an expert in improving students’ soft skills, such as teamwork, public speech, leadership skills and etc. 

Founder's Stories

从小生长在青海西宁一个普通平凡的家庭, 父母对我的教育要求十分的严苛。现在生活定居在加拿大的我,时常回想起我的经历,总会更加坚定的让我相信教育能够改变人生轨迹。



上大学后我加入了全球性学生组织AIESEC,那两年的经历彻底改变了我的人生轨迹,为我之后一系列的人生选择奠定了基础。从去乌克兰利沃夫三个月在大学教授英文课程,到和志同道合的国内外青年一起策划教育项目 –Dare to Dream,为中国农村山区的孩子提供不一样的英文课程和体验。这个过程中我认识了许多各国优秀的人,也让我明白了人生充满了可能性,成功可以有不同的定义。其中对我最大的改变是决定来加拿大学习教育硕士并通过所学,去提供所需。




Dare to Dream. 如果你敢想,我们就敢帮助你构筑属于你彩虹般炫彩的人生!

Growing up in an ordinary family in Xining, Qinghai, my parents had strict standards and high expectations for my academic success. I firmly believe that education changed the trajectory of my life.


The first time I went abroad was to go to Incheon, South Korea as an exchange student. The experience made me understand the importance of being fluent in English. Soon after, I started to participate in the English corner and practiced English with people from different countries, in addition, to learn about their culture.

During my college years, I joined the global student organization AIESEC. The two years of experience completely changed my life trajectory and laid the foundation for a series of life choices for me. From three months to go to Lviv, Ukraine to teach English courses in universities, to plan education projects with like-minded young people domestic and abroad – Dare to Dream, to provide different English courses and experiences for children in rural areas of China. During this process, I met many outstanding people from various countries, and it also made me understand that life is full of possibilities, and success can have different definitions. One of the biggest changes for me was the decision to come to Canada to pursue a Master of Education and pass what I learned to serve others.


It was education that broadened my horizons, gave me the opportunity to experience a different life, and provided me with the ability to think independently and the courage to pursue a life with depth and freedom.


Dare to Dream. If you dare to dream, we will dare to help you build a rainbow-like life that belongs to you!